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This is one of the cheapest hosting choice and available at $1.99 per month only. We signup with this plan and use it to maintain an unbiased user reviews environment at here. Besides real user experience, we also provide the latest coupons and discounts too!

Webhostingpad review: Is this a good web hosting company?

They have been online since 2005, and they are offering extremely affordable web hosting service plan for only $1.99/mo. They’ve been preferred by over 200,000 websites and their cheaper price is the key ingredient.

Here is their shared hosting pricing:

  1. Power plan 1-year at $3.99/mo.
  2. Power plan 2-year at $2.99/mo.
  3. Power plan 3-year at $1.99/mo.
  4. Power plan 4-year at $1.99/mo.
  5. Power plan 5-year at $1.99/mo.

Official homepage

Webhostingpad review: Are they honest and reliable?

For us who have been hosting with them since 2008 and renewed our web hosting account several time, we never get cheated or over-billed. They have proper billing department that send you invoice and require for payment before due date. And user can choose to terminate account earlier if they want to discontinue the service. There is option to change billing details, credit card in file, and even make the payment manually. All these are standard feature that we found in all top web hosts. Their billing feature is standardized and they bill their user accordingly. Five years plus and we haven’t been over charged until now.

Webhostingpad review on average user rating.

Our first two years are average and following years are getting better after their tech support help resolve our site DNS problem that caused unseen problem. In overall it’s a getting better experience and we will continue to stay with them.

User rating and votes


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Choosing your next budget web hosting

Many people are opting for a shared hosting plan, which is typically cheaper that other plans like dedicated hosting. The main reason that makes shared hosting plans cheap is because they hold several user/websites on a single server, who will share the cost of the given server. You might want to choose a cheap web hosting that is on a shared plan, and delivers top quality services for your website. Before you choose a web hosting company, you will need to weigh the features that factor its efficiency.

When you decide to choose a certain budget shared web hosting, you will need to consider the following factors;

  1. CPanel.
    This helps to manage the aspects of your website easily using a user-friendly interface. Technically, it is a web hosting control panel that is based on Linux. CPanel helps in managing and monitoring various email accounts and ftp accounts.
  2. Unlimited domain.
    A cheap web hosting plan that offers unlimited domain imply that you will be able to host any amount of domains that you wish, at an affordable price. For such plan, you will not incur any extra charges on the added domains.
  3. Unlimited storage space.
    This implies that the given web hosting plan will let you store a limited amount of content in the server. Nevertheless, the ‘unlimited’ aspect will depend on the selected company. There are some that allow you to upload any amount of data to the server, but at a controlled time. That implies that you can upload whatever data, but a limited amount at a time.
  4. The speed and efficiency.
    There are some site that will take a while to load their pages when you click on the preferred link. You will need to consider the amount of time taken to load a certain page. Such feature is always referred to as the ‘load time’, which is expected to be fast enough, for the sake of your website’s users. Prior to choosing a plan, you should consider checking the reviews of customers and see what they say. Nevertheless, if your website doesn’t require much loading time (if it is a simple website), you would not need the company’s loading time to be extra high. But if the site is heavy, and entails several media, then you would definitely need a plan that has quick loading time.
  5. Future upgrade necessity.
    A website is expected to grow as time goes by, this implies that you might want to add some features and other aspects in the future. So if you might be planning to add a number of upgrades to your site, then you would go for one that has enough disk space, for adding your content in future.
  6. The security provided.
    It’s not all about the cheap fee that you will be paying to a web hosting company. Since you will be on a shared server, with unknown or known users, you will need to be sure of total security for your site. If you run an eCommerce website, you will need to have a high security system. The customers should be guaranteed of safe social security numbers as they buy products. Therefore, the system offered by your budget shared hosting plan should have top security. An SSL (Secured Socket Layer) is a good feature that will assure you of security in your website. This feature encrypts the coding of sensitive numbers on your site, hence providing security.
  7. Money back guarantee.
    Not all cheap web hosting companies are really cheap. There are some that have hidden charges in their plans, which makes you paying a higher rate in the long run. Conversely, some web hosting plans will charge you cheaply, but the services might be of low quality. This might be disappointing, especially if you have already purchased the given plan. Nevertheless, you can be sure of a genuine, cheap and reliable plan, if they offer you a money back guarantee. Some will give you up to 60 days, while others will offer a shorter period, mostly 30 days. This time will allow you to evaluate the given plan and point out if they are reliable or as specified or not.
  8. The bandwidth allocated.
    A website is typically designed for the sake of attracting users. For that matter, the more users visit your site, the more bandwidth will be accumulated. The content that you have on your site will determine on the amount of bandwidth that will be consumed. For instance, if you have more images and videos, they will consume more bandwidth than only texts. Several web hosting plans offer unlimited bandwidth, which implies that your users can freely access the content without being limited. There are other plans which give a certain bandwidth, like about 100 GB/month. Actually, this is quite a lot of bandwidth, but it only be appropriate for a simple site with less media. So if you have a website that has more text than images or videos, then you can go for the limited bandwidth. But due to the probability of expanding/upgrading your site, an unlimited plan should be considered.
  9. The good and bad.
    Too many cheap web hosting plans talk about their low price quote, which attracts many people. But when you are choosing a web hosting plan, you will need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. If the loading page is slow or faster, the hosting plan should specify that. If it has a limited disk space, you should also be aware of that. Technically, you should know all the good and bad side of the web hosting plan that you have chosen.

Generally, when you want a cheap web hosting plan, you will need to consider these aspects, in relation to reliability. All in all, select the features that relate to your requirements, it isn’t a must that you should choose an unlimited hosting, rather, base it on your website’s requirements.

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How to write an amazing about us & contact us page?

These days, almost every business has a professional and well designed website. When you’re building a website, you need to focus on some important aspects. When you want a professional website, you need to build multiple pages to achieve desired results. This allows you to generate more leads and attract more customers.

About Us page is considered to be one of the most important pages on your website. People who click on this web page are already interested in your business. They just want to be reassured that they are making the right choice. In this post, we have discussed some good tips to help you design excellent About Us and Contact Us pages.

  1. Consider your customer first.

While designing this web page, you need to consider your customer first. You need to make sure you understand what your customers want to know. It is important to understand that first time visitors to your website always want to know about the credibility of your business.

You need to make sure the content on your page defines you as an authority in the industry. It should give an impression that you are an authority in your field of work. The customer should think that your company provides exceptional customer experience.

  1. Facts always seem compelling.

A lot of About Us pages on the Internet are filled with superlatives, such as excellent, outstanding, cutting edge, visionary, world class and more. In case your company is truly outstanding, you should present facts. If your company is visionary, you should present information about innovative products. In case you do not have a lot of figures and facts, you should admit it honestly. In this case, your should describe what your company aims to achieve in the long run.

  1. Don’t be something you are not.

There is a general rule regarding About Us pages. If the company is small, the page should be fluffier. Most business owners try to make their small businesses look bigger. However, this can create some awkward situations when a prospect asks for specific examples or references.

Due to this, it is always better to present facts. For instance, you should inform prospective customers that you are running a startup. This makes sure they do not have unrealistic expectations. Your greater focus should be on shorter lead times, individual customers, and the desire to achieve exceptional results.

  1. Describe qualifications in brief.

Awards and certifications are good, but choose a few that seem relevant with your business. They should look appealing to your potential customers, and give an impression that you’re an authority figure in the industry. If the awards your mention on the About Us page are not relevant to your business, it won’t make any sense.

  1. Kill stock photos.

These days, every person is an expert stock photo spotter. Therefore, you should use only real photos. If you don’t have any real photos, it’s better to not use any photos at all. You need to make sure people believe the photos you publish on your website.

  1. Consider the page work in progress.

It’s important to understand that most About Us and Contact Us pages need to be improved over time. When you land some major customers, enter new markets, add capabilities and expertise, open new locations etc., you should update the page. You need to make sure the content on your About Us page remain fresh. It should also be search engine optimized.

  1. Seek help from professionals.

When you’re looking to update any page on your website, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. You should even ask other people to read your page and give their valuable feedback. This allows you to make necessary changes on your page to attract more traffic. When you seek help from professionals, you can enjoy peace of mind that everything is being handled by experienced and qualified experts.

In case you’re writing your own About Us or Contact Us page, you should focus on figures, accomplishments and facts. The page shouldn’t feel salesy. It’s important to understand that objective information is always easier to write. Moreover, it’s also more powerful. You should consider the needs you should fulfill, and certain problems your customers might experience. It’s better to use plain and simple language that’s easy to understand for your potential customers.

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Is this $9.95 Webhostingpad VPS hosting any good?

Webhostingpad VPS web hosting is cheap

Other than cheap web hosting, now we can find really affordable VPS hosting services right here. Most amazingly their plans cost less than half of what others are charging. There are no other web hosts are able to make this possible.

Here are the plans available:

  1. VPS beginner plan $9.95/mo.
  2. VPS professional plan $24.95/mo.
  3. VPS premium plan $39.95/mo.

Choose their semi-annually payment to entitle for this $9.95 offer price, no coupon code requires for this discount price.

VPS hosting packages

Webhostingpad VPS hosting 2014

This year 2014, their changed their pricing and service plan too. For starter, the basic VPS plan is now with double the storage and giving 20 GB storage space compare to previous 10 GB storage space. And for the memory, it is a huge upgrade from 128 MB up to 1 GB right now. This 1 gigabyte is sufficient for hosting a moderate traffic website or two.

VPS hosting 2014

Webhostingpad VPS hosting advantages

Who should upgrade to this virtual private server and tap on their advantages?

  1. Anyone who want their website to perform better and faster.
  2. Anyone who want better uptime rating for their website.
  3. Anyone who is doing SEO and require a good neighborhood for their website.

Is Webhostingpad VPS hosting recommended?

This is a budget web hosting company and all their products are cheap, this including their latest VPS hosting plans. If cheap price is all you want, this is the web host for you. If you want the best quality with the best support availability, this is not the recommended choice. Their customer support are very difficult to reach especially over the weekend and they are slow in replying to email ticket too. Those are the major drawback and biggest concern we have learned over the years hosting with their shared hosting.

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Webhostingpad affiliate program $75 payout

Webhostingpad affiliate program pays $75

Their affiliate program is paying a generous sales commission of $75 per successful sales that you referred to them. If you have friend or customer that looking for cheap services, you can refer them over and get rewarded. They are using 365 days tracking cookies, and offering payout in cheque and PayPal payment. It uses real time tracking and monitoring, this allow their user to view successful sales instantly. This mean the successful sale is automatically credited into your account.

Webhostingpad affiliate program comparison

After comparing feature, price and quality, we think this is the most budget choice available. Their lowest price simply defeats other competitor and this including Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Justhost, Greengeeks, IPage and Fatcow. Can you name any other cPanel web host that price at below two dollars per month? There is one sound competitor, Cirtex hosting price is higher than this but they only allows 7 domains to be hosted, and we can’t see other web hosts that beat this price either.

This host is still the most superior after all. This option are usually more expensive and commonly price at above three dollars per month, it’s rare to find web host price at below two dollars for sure. Even if, you will find yourself signup with reseller plan or someone running company from home and not giving technical support on server downtime failure. Cry for help and no one going to answer you.

Affiliate program

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Webhostingpad forum installation test with SMF and vBulletin

And they are now featuring the latest softaculous installer tool that provides even more software for installation. There is more choice of forum software to install, six of them which including smf, phpbb, mybb, punbb, bbpress and aef. Choose the software to install and to which domain as installation location and the installer will complete it for you.

Installing smf is really a hassle free experience. This power plan might be the most budget place to host smf website. Their price is well under two dollars per month, and it is compatible for smf website. Other software includes phpBB and vBulletin software. We had tested the Simple Machine Forum (SMF) site setup installation at our account. We are using this for demo testing, and it works.

SMF forum installed

This plan is compatible for phpbb & smf scripts discussion board. You can easily setup phpbb and smf via cPanel fantastico easy installation. With the latest upgrade, they are providing softaculous installer. The new 1-click installer can be used for setup forum websites or any other websites.

From our demo installation of phpbb, we manage to setup the empty phpbb site and make it up and running smoothly. The new phpBB requires 45 MB web storage space and our account is having 9960 MB available for use.

phpBB forum installer

Vbulletin forum requires more MySQL resources and server resources, and we planning to test this right here. From our demo test run, we setup the vBulletin forum script version 3.8.1 at this server with cPanel. The forum installation is manually and requires longer time as vBulletin setup steps are more complicated and involved lots of steps one after another. Once we get the vBulletin setup, we ran a small testing and evaluating the server for compatibility.

We can host both phpbb and vBulletin forum in our power hosting plan. This vBulletin forum can be installed here and run smoothly. The shared hosting speed is slow and upgrade to VPS plan is more recommended.

vBulletin forum tested

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